A standard for how earphones fit
When it came to improving how earphones felt when worn, it was common to create an organic shape, but there were also times when this actually didn't work out owing to there being an infinite variety of ear shapes. Having gone right back to the start and rethinking earphones and how they fit, we realized that it was possible to achieve a good fit for a great variety of ear shapes by holding the earphones to the ear at one point. The geometrical shape arrived at as a result of this realization doesn't look like it would fit well based on conventional common sense; the fit, however, actually feels as though the shape of the product has been customized to the shape of the user's ears. The metal housing, which produces high sound quality, is weighty, but you do not feel this weight owing to the good fit of the product. You can customize these earphones by replacing the inner filter yourself to find a sound quality that suits you; in doing so, you can gain a variety of "optimums".


Design : Kazushige Miyake, Kota Kato
Photo : Goichi Kondo