Air Purifier

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We considered the fact that an air purifier would fit into a living space better if it was seen as being more like a table or a sofa rather than as an industrial product. We considered every aspect of this product while we created it, choosing a shape that left the filter as unconcealed as possible and that quickly and efficiently cleaned the air, a shape that was easy to carry that was not a handle, and buttons that weren’t conspicuous yet were easy to operate. It combines the beauty and the functionality that is fitting for an air purifier.

部屋の床に置かれる空気清浄機には工業製品というイメージではなく、ソファやテーブルに近いイメージのほうが生活にすっとはまると考えました。 フィルターをできるだけ覆わない効率の良い空気をすばやくきれいにする形、ハンドルではない持ち運びやすい形、目立たないが操作しやすいボタン、各所を丁寧に見つめながらかたちづくりました。 空気清浄機としてふさわしい、美しさと機能性を兼ね備えています。

Design : Kazushige Miyake, Daisuke Ishigami
Photo : Goichi Kondo

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