Japanese Chair

Miyazaki Mokuzai /

Chairs for Miyazaki Mokuzai, a well-established furniture shop on Ebisugawa-dori in Kyoto. This chair is for use in tatami rooms, and the size and shape of the legs and the angle of the seat have been determined in line with this. The chair has an essence in keeping with a Japanese room.

京都の老舗、夷川通にある宮崎木材の椅子です。 畳の部屋で使うことを目的として足の形状やサイズ、座面の角度などが決定されています。 和室空間にふさわしい佇まいが表現されています。

Design : Kazushige Miyake, Kota Kato
Photo : Goichi Kondo

Japanese Chair Japanese Chair Japanese Chair