A radio with a hand-crank charger. While it certainly comes in handy in times of disaster, this was designed with a view to it being used on a daily basis. Radios differ from speakers in that they mainly broadcast the spoken voice; the sound of this radio has been geared toward making vocal sounds easy to hear. The handle and the shape of the radio itself have been configured so as to facilitate the cranking process, and it has been afforded an upright shape so that it takes up as little space as possible. This radio was carefully designed factoring into account a variety of scenarios for its use.

手回しで充電できるラジオです。 災害時はもちろん役立つものですが、普段使いがメインになるように考えました。 スピーカーと違ってラジオは話声がメインですので、声が聞き取りやすいように音調節されています。ハンドルと本体形状は回しやすいように考慮され、できるだけ置き場所をとらないように縦型にしました。 様々な使うシーンをもとにひとつひとつのものごとが丁寧にかたちに落とし込まれています。

Design : Kazushige Miyake, Kota Kato
Photo : Goichi Kondo

Radio Radio Radio