Table Light


When studying at the dining table, there’s not enough light to see clearly with just the overhead light, and a light that illuminates the area where you are studying is necessary. The battery can be recharged and the light can easily be carried around, so it can be used in a variety of different places. This is a design that combines a sense of stability when set down with being easy to carry around, and this combination is easy to see.

リビングなどのテーブルで学習をするときなどは天井照明だけでは照度が足りないので、手元を明るく照らすあかりが必要です。 バッテリー充電式で簡単に持ち運ぶことができ、様々な場所で使えます。 置いたときの安定性と持ち運びやすさを両立させ、それが視覚的にもわかりやすいデザインです。

Design : Kazushige Miyake, Kota Kato
Photo : Goichi Kondo

Table Light Table Light Table Light