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At first glance, this appears to be a chunk of stone, but when you place something on this curious tray, the part of the tray on which it is placed sinks. Made of silicon with chips embedded in it, this tray was created with a carefully considered thickness that suitably accommodates the way the surface sinks when something is placed on it. This design showcases the special characteristics of silicon, a soft, multifaceted material, to best effect.

一見ただの石の塊のようですが、ものを置くとその部分が沈み込む不思議なトレイです。 チップを練り込んだシリコンでできたこのトレイは、石のような表情を持ちながら裏面が適度に沈みこむように考えられた厚みで作られており、ものを置いた部分だけやわらかく沈み込みます。柔らかく、様々な質感が表現できるシリコンの特性を最大限に生かしたデザインです。

Design : Kazushige Miyake, Kota Kato
Photo : Goichi Kondo

Tray Tray